21 degrees to -6

So February has been a month of extremes!

After our trip to Holland it was back home to catch up with my clients. All had been doing a sterling job with the home work they were given while I was away. We had plenty of gorgeous sunny days at home, but it struggled to get much over 3 degrees. Although to be totally honest I much prefer it sunny and cold than warmer with rain!

A couple of weeks into February we had a trip to San Diego in America. Charlotte had to help some of her clients at a competition, and do a Master Class on the Friday night Gala evening. Now I know why people go on about living in California. The weather was just perfect, 21 degrees, beautiful sunshine, and gentle coastal breezes!!

Her clients did really well in the International Competition, and the Master class was huge success.

Back home we came and after a couple of weeks comes the Beast from the East ☹

We were meant to be at the Regional Championships at Summer House Equestrian Centre this week. Charlotte would be competing 5 horses at different levels to qualify for the Winter National Championships in April. Unfortunately due to the weather conditions the organisers had to make the decision to cancel the three day competition.

This must be a logistical nightmare for them, but with the safety of the horses in mind it was the right call. They plan to reschedule the event for next week, so fingers crossed everything goes to plan then.

Collage of photos from San Diego and battling the Beast from the East Storm!

Collage of photos from San Diego and battling the Beast from the East Storm!

Will let you all know how it goes.

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