Well we are finally back on solid ground after a crazy January!
January has been a pretty amazing month for me. I was extremely fortunate to travel to Australia to meet up with Charlotte for the last leg of her master class tour. It was a great success with 2,000 spectators watching her training five riders from Young Horse to Grand Prix. They got a special treat of watching Charlotte ride. She decided to get on one of the horses, it was a very powerful and excited mare, a bit overawed by the size and atmosphere of the crowd.
Charlotte could see the mare’s huge potential, and could see the rider was riding a little conservatively. She was more than happy for Charlotte to get on, and with in minutes the mare and Charlotte were wowing the crowds with both of their abilities!

I am very lucky to have seen Charlotte do this on many occasions, getting on horses that are extremely excited and powerful, that a lot of riders shy away from, only to see them with in minutes of her getting on and communicating with them, they start to dance with her in a breath-taking way. These moments, even now as I remember the countless times I’ve seen it, still make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up!

Whilst in Australia, and briefly back to New Zealand for a day, we got to do a lot of cool sightseeing and of course shopping. We also had a ride in a helicopter which was a first for me.

After that trip we were home for just over a week. My clients were eager to get back to training, as the weather had been very cold back in England while we were away. This meant training schedules had to be altered to cope with the frozen ground. Some were able to use indoor facilities local to them, but most had to take a few days break due to the cold.

We are now just back from an unforgettable trip to Holland, where Valegro was doing his farewell to his Dutch fans. He was bred in Holland and is registered as a Dutch Warmblood, so they feel a huge sense of pride in all of his success as much as us!

Charlotte and Valegro performed a Freestyle in the Gala evening, it was quite a hectic night with all sorts of celebrations of his story and breeding going on. Sadly we didn’t see much of it as we were preparing for his performance. Here is a link so you can see his finally freestyle performance.

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