From Hartpury to James Corden, then Australia to Hickstead!

Sorry it has taken a while to get this blog done written and posted, it has been another crazy few of weeks for us on the continuing journey of Miss Dujardin!

We started a few weeks back with the CDI (International) and Premier League Competitions at Hartpury in Gloucestershire.

Charlotte had many of her future young horse stars competing at the Premiere League event, plus one of Carls’ that she has been competing for him in the CDI. It was a very successful competition with many first places! Below is a report of the event by Hartpury Dressage. Scroll down to each section to read how she got on.

During this week of competition we had a very unusual day. Charlotte had to compete early in the morning, successfully I might add, and then at 2pm we were picked up by a driver from her house to take us into London. I can’t tell you much yet about what it was for exactly, but it involved us being there in a studio with an audience, and it was a game show concept hosted by the one and only James Corden!!

We had a great time as you can imagine, but it was also and very long night. We were dropped off back at Charlotte’s house at 1:00am Saturday morning. Then that Saturday was a full one as Charlotte competed seven horses that day, and went on to do the Gala evening display with the wonderful Valegro. Here is an article and a video recorded by an audience member on from the Gala evening.

A couple more horses to compete on the Sunday, with a few more rosettes won, and that was that for Hartpury! They run such a great competition at Hartpury, it’s is extremely well organised, with plenty of practice arenas and great stabling for the horses. Also a big plus are the stewards who are always so cheery and helpful!

So after that crazy week came yet another. We both had coaching to do on the Monday, but then on the Tuesday morning we flew out to Brisbane in Australia! Charlotte had been asked to do one of her Master Classes at the end of the CDI held in Brisbane.

We had a few delays getting out there, starting in Heathrow with a 4-hour delay before take off. Then our 7-hour flight to Dubai meant we missed our connection from Dubai to Brisbane. Thankfully as it was not our fault Emirates re-booked us onto another flight, but it meant we had a 8-hour lay over in Dubai! Sounds good in a way, but we landed at 2:20am in Dubai, so not a lot of shopping and sight seeing can be done then. Plus it was still 37 degrees at that time in the morning!!

Again Emirates pulled out all the stops and gave us both a hotel room to crash out and get freshened up in, so we could be ready for our 10:30am flight out of Dubai to Brisbane. We eventually boarded for 16 hour flight to Brisbane, and on our arrival we were picked up by a couple of volunteers from the venue of the Master Class.

It worked out that we actually landed in Brisbane at 6:30am on Charlotte’s birthday!!


So we managed to have a lovely rest of the day, going for a walk in the morning around south bank, and waited for our good friend Renai to come over to visit us from her home in New Zealand.

We then spent the afternoon in a few shopping malls, and taking in the lovely winter sunshine they have in Brisbane that time of year. It was a perfect 23 degrees in the day time!






The next day we were taken on a trip to Noosa National Park. It was again a beautiful day, and we had good hike around a part of the park after a lovely lunch on the beach front!








Then came the day of Charlotte’s Master Class. It was again a huge success with around 2,000 spectators. There were VIP tables set up around the arena, and then the rest were in the grand stands of the venue. They told us that when the VIP tables went on sale they sold out in 8 minutes!!

The event was extremely well run and we hope to do another trip sometime next year.

We literally had not a minute to spare after the Master Class, as we were due to catch a flight home (well one of the two!) that evening. So after Charlotte had done her signing we were whisked away and taken to the airport.

We both would like again say a huge thank you to all the people involved in putting the Master Class together, especially Leesa Murray (the organiser extraordinaire) and all the volunteers, riders, and there wonderful horses.

As you can see we actually didn’t spend very long in Australia, we were on the ground for literally 4 days. Thankfully our journey home was a little less adventures, as we only had a 5 hour delay in Dubai this time!





Once home again we hit the ground running. Next was the CDI at Hickstead near Brighton in the south of England.

Unfortunately the weather was nothing like we had in Brisbane, even though it is there winter and our summer! Torrential rain on a couple of the days of the competition meant it was more like a music festival under foot.
You can’t beat a typical British summers day. So Charlotte and I did what we always do when we are at Hickstead, and went to Brighton Pier for Dinner!

The competition arenas held up extremely well, so the competition was not affected to badly.

Charlotte was again riding Carls’ horse Delecarto in the Prix St George and Intermediare 1 classes, which at an International competition is called the Small Tour. The Big Tour being the Grand Prix level.

Yet again Charlotte and Dels performances shone through, and for us the second test (the Intermediare 1) was a real breakthrough in Dels concentration and confidence in Charlotte’s guidance to perform a beautiful test.




They came with 3 out 3 wins which is really promising for his future in Big Tour next season. We all have high hopes for him , whether it is with Charlotte or Carl who may take over the ride from her next year.

Charlotte Dujardin Rides Hawtins Delicato to Hickstead CDI2* St. Georges Victory

Next for us is another quick trip to Canada!
We are going to see some horses and riders at a private facility near Quebec.
I will make sure to get a few pics and a blog of our time in Canada.

Until then try and stay dry and keep smiling!!

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