Travels, Championships and another MasterClass

So since my last blog we have been once again busy with travels and competitions…

We took a whirl wind trip to Montreal where ran a couple of private clinics. The host of the clinics were very nice, and we got to stay in a beautiful hotel looking out onto ski slopes. Although it was warm and everything was green,  it was still breathtaking!

Both facilities that the training took place were also stunning and had incredible scenery to boot.

Once home from Canada, we had a day at home teaching clients, then a quick flight to Sweden!

We had planned it a bit last minute so that Charlotte could arrive at the European Championships to warm up Carl for his Grand Prix, which was deciding the Team medals.

Luckily we managed to get a couple of rooms in a hotel near the venue, as you can imagine it was very popular in Gothenburg at that time!

We arrived the night before Carls test, and the next day they got to work.

Carl’s test was good, but some small blips were very costly. Unfortunately none of the GB Team riders managed to pull off a cracking test, so after a tight battle with the Swedish team we finished just outside the medals in 4th.


After our rapid turn around in Sweden we headed back home as Charlotte had to prepare for the British Dressage National Championships.

It was an incredibly busy Championships with Charlotte competing 10 different horses, thankfully it was also very successful too! Here is a report of the Championships by Horse & Hound.

More recently we travelled further afield and at the end of September we took another short trip across the Atlantic, this time to Cincinnati.

Charlotte was doing another one of her Masterclasses out there. We had a fab time with Scott Hayes who organises these master classes so well for us.





On our return we had a few weeks back to training or own clients. They always love to hear about the places I have been and experiences that Charlotte gets!

Then it was on to Birmingham for the annual Horse of the Year show…

Charlotte had been asked to perform a short demonstration in the afternoon. Then later in the evening there was an invitational Prix St George Championship. Charlotte rode Mount St John Freestyle to victory, with an incredible test, and jaw dropping lap of honour as she was paraded as the Champion!

It is an extremely well run event, with International show jumping, and national showing classes. A huge shopping village for the spectators, and riders, to enjoy!




Then finally we took a 23 hour whirlwind trip back to Sweden for Charlotte to be judge rider at their National Championships for Four year olds.

It’s a great little event and show cases some exceptional talent for the future of Swedish Dressage.

We did get any time to see much else unfortunately. We arrived at lunchtime, Charlotte did her judge riding, we went back to the airport to spend the night in a hotel. Got up at 4am and got on a plane heading home by 6am. All fun and games as they say!

Back home again now training clients, then in November we are off to Texas for another Master Class.

Take care of yourselves and happy riding!










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